We work with all insurance companies. We will even help with your deductible and rental car if necessary.


Bumpers are designed to protect the vehicle’s structure, as they are often the first part of the vehicle to absorb any impact in a collision. McFee Auto’s certified technicians are trained in plastic bumper repair to return these crucial parts to their pre-accident condition. Whether your bumper is made from rigid plastic or semi-rigid plastic, our technicians are trained to repair it with precision.


Once your vehicle enters McFee Auto Center, our technicians are equipped to quickly assess any damage and identify the safest repair solution. The process is all part of our greater promise to remove any and all dents and dings to get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Unsightly vehicle scratches can take away from the overall value and curb appeal of a vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial for automotive businesses to have a solution in place to repair car scratches before offering vehicles for resale or rental. Our technicians can often repair scratches without requiring a full new coat of paint, resulting in a cost and time savings for our customers.


Your polycarbonate headlight lenses are sanded, compounded and polished until they are crystal clear. A quick and inexpensive way to enhance your car’s appearance, while improving your driving safety.


Wheel damage can take away from a vehicle’s curb appeal significantly. From scrapes to gauges and cracks, the unfortunate appearance can also result in an expensive fix: new wheels. Luckily, our wheel repair services can fix a variety of wheel damage — from peeling clear coats and damaged rims to bent and scratched wheels, our skilled technicians are able to return many types of wheels to their original condition.


Structural damage to your vehicle caused by a collision may require a car frame repair. Unfortunately, the process of straightening a car frame is not only difficult, but potentially dangerous. For this reason, only our experienced auto body technicians with the proper tools can get the job done. When dealing with a car frame repair, technicians may suggest either a frame straightening or a frame welding.